Viktor Bloom was (we believe) born on the 16th June 1950 in Pimlico , a district of London in the United Kingdom. Nothing is currently known about Viktor until the age of 13 when he was picked up by the local constabulary for petty theft. Thus far he has declined to divulge any of his early history apart from his name and birthday - which we can only assume are true.


Important EventsEdit

Giles meets Viktor - a chance encounter between Viktor and a man of extraordinary promise.


Viktor travelled the world between 1990 and 2000


Viktor was an amateur painter whose work could be aligned with the Pop Art movement although he was never really comfortable with the politics that permeated that scene. His work could charitably be described as surreal but he preferred the word 'silly'.


Viktor was part of a group that called itself the Hakkabod Society . They organised, or should I say dis organised several 'happenings' such as moonlight ice-sculpture sessions to the accompaniment of a brass band, naked welding, and the most successful, the bringing together of canary breeders in an effort to persuade them to release several thousand inside Buckingham Palace. The results were supremely positive but the crown managed to keep a lid on the affair. Later happenings gradually petered out with the final one....

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