Is this Viktor Bloom?

Welcome to the Wiki

Welcome to the wiki. This is a collaborative storytelling website that anyone can join.

It's based on a wiki so that anyone can create a part of the story on a new page. It can go off on any tangent that you see fit as long as it can be connected in some way to the rest of the information that has been created.

It is my hope that this wiki gets populated with many fictional characters and interesting (or not) events.

Feel free to jump right in! So without further ado, please let me introduce you to Viktor Bloom.


Describe your topic

The Life and Times of Viktor Bloom is a collaborative, nonlinear story about the fictional character Viktor Bloom.

I have put down a list of ideas in an initial brainstorm. Please feel free to elaborate on any of these ideas and add to the list so that others may do the same.

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