These are ideas that people can choose to use if they wish. Don't assume they are fact, this story is full of contradictions! *Nothing is known about Viktor until the age of 13

  • He is educated and opinionated
  • His surname suggests that he is Jewish and his first name suggests that he is possibly Russian
  • He likes beetroot
  • Around 1965 he was into art 'happenings '
  • From 1965-1969 he printed t-shirts and sold them out the back of his van
  • He attended Altamont Free Concert
  • He was an amateur artist
  • He was in a bad blues band
  • He is inconsistent
  • He has pangs of regret
  • He worked as a carpenter in a furniture factory called Tiger Sticks in High Wycombe
  • He was an unsung hero and others frequently took credit for his deeds
  • He travelled the world between 1990 and 2000
  • He once met Malcolm McClaren

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